K9 Ambitions

With ambition, anything is possible. 

Providing quality, customized, and personal dog training. 

Founder and Trainer


My name is Elizabeth Simmons, I’m a certified dog trainer from Tarheel K9 academy. After working and training with a variety of different dog trainers locally and out of state, i’ve decided to start my own training routine. There are many procedures and industry “standards” that can be improved upon greatly, and at K9 Ambitions, this is what I plan to do.

Services we provide

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Board and Train


Private lessons


Alumni private lessons

Dog Training

Here at K9 Ambitions I understand how hard the transition from a trainer back to owner can be so after your pet graduates you will have free follow up private lessons where I will come to your house or meet you in a public place (within 30 minutes of Chattanooga TN) so I can help you through any struggles you might be having with your pet.
You will also have unlimited access to alumni group classes that will be held quarterly as well as unlimited email and phone support.

After your pet trains with us you will receive:
  • Free invitation to our quarterly alumni group classes 
  • 10% Discount off of any future dog training services
  • At least 1 free follow up training lesson depending on plan

Dog training and obedience is ongoing

Obedience is a forever commitment. Once your pet is out of training it is now your responsibility to keep them on the right path! I will provide you the knowledge and tools to do this but it is ultimately up to you. Dogs are by nature opportunistic and if they see they can start slacking in areas, they will. This does not mean you will have to take hours out of your day to train your dog just a few minutes of maintenance will do! I will show you everything you need to know, and of course, every course comes with FREE follow up lessons !