About Us

About Our Founder and Trainer

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Simmons, I grew up on a farm in Grundy County Tennessee. As a kid my dad raised and trained English Setters and that is where my love for dogs started. I remember as a kid that anytime we went anywhere and there was a dog my dad would say, “Elizabeth don’t you pet that dog. You’re going to get bit one of these days” but I never listened and I pet every dog I saw. I always thought I would be a veterinarian but once I got to college I stayed for 2 semesters and knew that it wasn’t for me. From working on the farm I was used to always doing something so to go to Tarheel Canine School for dog trainers and graduated with my professional canine trainer certificate. Which includes on & off-leash obedience, motivational techniques, house manners, behavior modification & shaping, puppy development, and protection k9s.

I then worked for a few different training companies in the area. I saw how big kennels are ran and new that if I were looking for training I would not want my dogs in those types of environments. This is what has inspired me to open my own business. I strive to treat every client dog like my own. That is why your pet stays in my house with me and my two dogs. Somedays it makes life hectic, but in the end I know it is worth it. I now get to see pets thrive when they go home because they were trained in a home. 

I currently have two pets of my own. Mako a Dutch Shepherd and Tyson a Golden Retriever. Mako is trained in sport obedience and protection while Tyson is working on obedience, search and rescue, and pet therapy. They are my world and anytime I am thinking of things to add to the business I always think of them first and what I as a pet owner would want my trainer to do. 

My Personal Dogs

Mako -Dutch Shepherd
Tyson -Golden Retriver

Why choose K9 Ambitions?

As our name suggests I want to help you and your furry friend reach all your ambitions. Whether that be to just have a great companion to hang out in the house with you or to have a pet you can take anywhere and feel confident in any and all situations. Here at K9 Ambitions I strive to be different. Your experience here will be like no other. Before I even start working with your pet we will sit down and talk about all your goals for them and we will build your training package to fit you and your pet specifically. I offer a wide range of training packages from private lessons to board and trains to even a mix of both. Every dog learns differently and it is my goal to find the best way to train each and every one.


Your pet will be trained in my very own home. This will significantly reduce the stresses of training that dogs endure at larger kennels. I’ve seen first hand how large kennels can easily become overwhelmed with the many dogs they must care for on their daily routine. We pride ourselves on providing a personal training experience that is increasingly difficult for a large kennel or trainer to provide. 

Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to provide exemplary training and customer service to each and every pet owner. We do this by providing a customized training routine for each dog to fit each specific scenario. 

Our goals: 

  • To ensure each dog parent has an in depth understanding and the tools required for a happy, well trained companion
  • Provide an authentic training environment and experience that matches as close as possible to a real home
  • Provide quality training that meets each dogs individual needs
  • Train and treat every pet as if they’re my own


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